Farm Theme Activities for Preschool

Are you searching for farm theme activities for preschoolers that you can use in speech therapy or any early childhood classroom? The farm themed lesson plans in the Speech Room Resource Library contain songs, books, games, virtual field trips and TONS of downloads!

Farm Theme Activities for young children


Preschoolers love animals. They love the sounds they make. There is something about the big red barn and the tractor that makes ALL kids want to get involved in learning! 

In my Early Childhood Center, there are many different themed weeks. One of these is always Farm Animals. It is important to pre-teach and re-teach the vocabulary students learn in their classrooms that way a child’s speech therapy goals align with the state standards and curriculum. I like to introduce Farm Theme in the Fall when we talk about turkeys and then again in the Spring when we talk about gardening and vegetables.

In my speech therapy room, I use farm theme activities to work on Tier 1 vocabulary that students should have when entering school. By the time they enter school, children SHOULD know common animal names from simple exposure, reading books and watching TV. Since I work with students who are language delayed or have speech and language disorders, that vocabulary may not yet have made its way into their long-term memory so we work to provide multiple repetitions in a variety of ways.


If you are following my four step visual schedule for preschool, the first thing you do in a speech session is sing! A song that comes to mind for preschoolers working on a farm theme is always Old Mac Donald. This song is always used in speech because even the student who does not yet have oral language can participate to some extent using animal sounds. Singing is a great way to start a session working on imitation of gross motor and speech skills. Singing songs before sitting to focus at the table gives young students a chance to get their wiggles out


I love using repetitive books in speech therapy. Down on the Farm, The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Cow, Mrs. Wishy Washy Had a Farm and Rosie’s Walk are just a few. I have listed several in this week’s lesson plans.


The Melissa and Doug big red barn sits on a shelf in my classroom. Students request it ALL the time. During farm week they come in and are overjoyed when they see it down on the carpet. I have a bunch of random farm animals, enough for everyone to have a few. In previous years, I didn’t have a tractor BUT THIS YEAR we do! Don’t worry if you don’t have a tractor. Our ambulance worked just fine! Kids don’t care about the details. We pretended that the ambulance was our tractor and worked on a little flexible thinking at the same time.

The barn is a great way to work on spatial concepts: in/out, top/bottom, open/closed. It is also a fun tool to work on categorization/sorting by putting all of the pigs together, all of the cows together, etc.


I have a few other activities for speech sound disorders and language skills that I use during farm week. 

  • Feed the Pig
  • Feed the Cow (Try A Sample)
  • Book Companion for When the Rooster Crowed
  • Farm Theme Articulation Worksheets

The lesson plans and all of the Farm Theme Activities for Preschool mentioned can be downloaded inside the Speech Room Resources Library.

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