Space Themed Sensory Bin

I have been using sensory bins with my young students for years. It got a little difficult to do during COVID with all of the restrictions, but we are BACK! My favorite sensory bin filler for a space theme is black beans. You can also use it with a construction themed and a transportation themed sensory bin. Here are some examples:

sensory bins for speech

Space Exploration is a Space Themed Sensory Bin Activity that is perfect for speech therapy sessions, early childhood classrooms, second language learners, and life skills students. When students are engaged and actively involved in their language learning, it will be more effective.

The following activities are included for use with this download:

•Sort nouns into 12 different categories using the flash cards provided.

•Expand expressive language with descriptive features using the 28 different flash cards you received in yesterday’s email.

•Work on word associations with the four unique flash cards.

•30 different commonly occurring VERBS with pictures (shooting stars)

•40 different commonly occurring ADJECTIVES with pictures (blue stars)

•80 different FIRST NOUNS with pictures (yellow stars)

•Planets and Space Vehicles. Use for POSITIONAL VOCABULARY!

•Space themed characters for PRONOUN activities (astronauts, aliens)


–Kimberly H. gave this product ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️–

“This resource is so complete! The sensory bin is, of course, the highlight for my students, and can be used so many different ways. Artic students get to place/take something after a set number of trials. Langauge kids have their specific goals addressed via the cards that come with this set. And there are so many components to this set, I can use the same bin for everyone with a quick swap of the pictures. Data collection sheets are there, too, ready to go so I didn’t have to create them myself.”

Click on the image below to download your full product:

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